Part of being a pretty good player in a hard rock band is making a name for your band by maintaining a certain life style. A lot of artists today know that the persona of a hard driving, hard drugging, hard drinking musician is to hard on the body, the mind and the soul so they only allow the fans to think they are hard rockin' hard living. Even Steve Tyler is clean and sober.  But not the guitar player Jeff Hanneman. His hard driving and drinking killed him. And his band mates and his wife couldn't save him. " “I would express my concern and he would back off for a few months, but then he would go right back. I did notice that Jeff was relying on alcohol to start his day off – but I couldn’t say very much because I knew we’d wind up in a verbal confrontation. I did drink with him, sometimes quite heavily; I figured if I couldn’t beat him, join him. But eventually I realised I couldn’t go on like that, and if I stopped, I might be able to get him away from it too.But I couldn’t. He just relied on it too much to get him through the day.”

Even his best friends couldn't help him. And so another great rocker succumbs to the life style of Hard Rock and Roll.