You know that there are issues with the weather when a snow storm in September makes national news. And there we were with Brian Williams talking about the snow in Casper. So many things canceled. Streets closed. Trees crushed all over the metro area. Power out in thousands of houses. Mine was out for three hours and kudos to the power company for getting their A game up and running and helping the citizens of Casper getting power restored quickly.  And the Wyoming Women's Expo canceled. Really? I thought for sure the ladies would brave this storm.  I knew we were in trouble when my cat went out side for a minute. Turned back and looked at me like I was crazy. Haven't seen him all day.

As far as we know the Oil Bowl is still scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Wear long underwear. There is a great link at our web site here if you need information on tree removal. My friend Stihl Will (nick named after the chain saws)  who works for Capshaw Tree Services said he'll have work until Christmas. He said in 10 years in the tree industry he's never seen anything like this. Ever.

Continuous weather information is available at the River's Web site. We're supposed to get more.

Stay in. Stay Warm. And I'm with you tonight on the air in this storm.