There was speculation at the beginning of the new American Idol season that without Simon Cowell the the decade old show was in deep trouble,  until Steven Tyler breathe new life into the series. The veteran Aerosmith rocker has thrilled everyone except fellow judge Jennifer Lopez.

"This was meant to be Jennifer's big comeback," an insider complains to me. "The entire re-branding of the show was built around her, but now it's all about Steven 24/7."

Joe Perry, has had his issues with Steven in the recent past too. He should take at look at the sale of Aerosmith albums since Steven has been on American Idol. Since the new season made it's debut, the 1994 hits collection," Big Ones" has sold 260-percent more than usual, other best of albums have seen huge increases in sales also. There have been massive downloads of Aerosmith tunes like, "Dream On" and "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" on itunes.

At the end of the day, it's shaping up that Steven has saved this show. Word of mouth about him and the quality of singers is getting stronger and stronger ever week, and so far he's even managed to get us to forget the departure of Simon Cowell. Sorry, Jennifer, we still miss Paula.

Aerosmith making Bank...Steven may save American Idol