Working outside listening to my IPod today I was running through a number of Springsteen tunes that don't get played on the radio. I was listening to Magic (which I think is one of his most powerful yet under rated works) which was recorded in the south in Atlanta in late 2007 and released early in 2008. Song's like "Long Walk Home" and Radio Nowhere (my ring tone) and The Devils Arcade.

And though he's on the road this summer supporting Wrecking Ball it appears the Boss is ready to back into the studio, back to that well of incredible rock and roll and lyrics that literally move nations. I think he's America's archtypical rock star. Heads and tails above the rest. And now he's got a lot of new stuff to put out. "

Springsteen hasn’t yet completed writing duties. “I have stuff I’m working on that I’m very happy about,” he reports. “I have a lot of material – I still feel like I’m in the middle of the well. ”And he’s loving every minute of the band’s new lease of life: “This has been a tremendously rewarding period of our time together – the best ten, twelve years we’ve ever had.”

So new material from the Boss just in time for Christmas. Couldn't make a better holiday gift.