Stage III Community Theatre invites everyone to see their performance of "The Heiress," Friday through Sunday night at 900 North Center. There are also three performances next Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Stage III presents "The Heiress" by Ruth & Augustus Goetz, opening on January 17. The naïve daughter of a doctor falls in love with a delightful fortune hunter, but her father sees through the young man's guise and forbids the marriage. She wants to elope, but her beau fails to come for her, only to turn up later and propose once again. January 26th show at 2pm, all others at 7:30pm. Additional information can be found at, where tickets can be purchased. We do also sell tickets at the door beginning 1 hour before each show, and Grant Street Grocery and The Cadillac Cowgirl each carry a limited number of tickets for us beginning about 2 weeks before opening of each play. We can be reached at or (307) 234-0946.