After spending a week in Douglas, mannng our booth for the State Fair, I had numerous observations to make. First Douglas is a wonderful town. Even with all the new folks in town the locals were friendly, helpful courteous. The State Fair folks run the fair like a precision machine. On time, organized, and professional. And the people from all over the state that attend the fair are remarkable in their genuine friendliness respect for others.  It seemed like every time I turned around there was some one wanting to help me, tell me where things were, assist me in setting things up, heck one vendor gave me free corn on the cob for a week.

But my most touching story of the fair came Friday night as a little girl and boy ( about seven and five years old) dressed in their cowboy finest, came up to the booth, with tears streaming down their faces. They looked up at me and said "we've lost our mommy and daddy and don't know where to look for them."  The look on their faces was one of fear and anxiousness. It touched my heart for some reason. So I rounded them up, told them not to be scared, and we would find their moms and dads. We walked right over to the fair security building, and mom and dad were located shortly after. Just another day at the State Fair. A wonderful week.