So you have that famous ticket to that favorite Rolling Stones Concert. And it's autographed. Or that tee shirt, or poster, or picture, or even a concert poster that is signed by one or all of the Rolling Stones. And you're saying to your self " I'm going to sell this on E-Bay and make a bundle. Well hold on there memorabilia guy. That famous (and to you priceless) autograph could be a fake. Yep phony, bogus, not real. According to the band any way. “We all learned to sign each others’ signatures – except for Charlie. He wouldn’t sign anything. But me, Keith, Mick and Brian could all sign each others’ autographs.

“When I see them for sale, I know two of them are not originals. But it was the only way to do it, because you couldn’t pass this stuff around. You didn’t have time; you were on stage in ten minutes.”

But don't freak out and throw that autograph away. If it means something to you as a piece of rock history that's all that matters.