Got a Stones autograph? Tee shirt, album, cd, ticket, photo? I'm sure you're sitting in your house going "I got a Rolling Stones autograph and I'm selling that sucker on E Bay. And I'm going to make a lot of money." Think again rock and roll aficionado.

That treasured Rolling Stones signed photo or concert ticket or tee shirt might not be authentic. As a matter of fact it's probably a fake. Phony. Bogus. You've been led down that primrose path of financial security only to find you've been suckered. Because the Stone have come out and said they used to "forge" their signatures.

“We all learned to sign each others’ signatures – except for Charlie. He wouldn’t sign anything. But me, Keith, Mick and Brian could all sign each others’ autographs.

“When I see them for sale, I know two of them are not originals. But it was the only way to do it, because you couldn’t pass this stuff around. You didn’t have time; you were on stage in ten minutes.”

So the next time you go to sell that famous autograph on ebay be careful. It's not what it appears.