As the snow falls on our streets we complain. I can't get to work. I can't get my kids to school. I can't navigate the streets because the snow is to deep.

But we forget the guys that work endless hours. Over time. When we're snug in our beds. But we wake up with the streets clean. The steets clear of snow. We forget the guys that work overtime to clean the passagways, that don't get to hang with thier families because they are sitting in a truck, running the snow machines that make our streets clean to drive.... working endless hours to make our streets safe from the snow that encoumbers our trave. We just wake up and find that the snow is gone and we're able to navigate the bye ways of the city with little hassle. But they are out there. Sitting in those trucks for hours taking away the percepitation that has fallen and limited our ability to drive. Now those guys and girls work into the wee hours of the morning cleaning the streets so we can "get on with our lives." Thank you guys.