Jerry Corbetta, the writer, singer and keyboard player for Sugarloaf passed away from Pick's disease, a progressive neurological problem similar to Alzheimer's disease. Jerry passed in Denver, Colorado on Friday, September 16, 2016.

The Denver band was best known for their jazzy, progressive rock 1970 hit song “Green Eyed Lady.” Based on a piece of a scale exercise in a practice book while the titled was inspired by a woman worked there, was written quickly at Original Sound Studios in Hollywood studio after the other tracks on their 1970 self-titled album. The song almost didn't make it on the LP.  It was a last minute daring maneuver that got it on the final master tape or “things may have gone in a different direction.”

Success started with airplay generated requests at a Portland, Oregon radio station, spread to Seattle and then across the US where it eventually hit number 3 and stayed on the charts for 6 weeks.

Sugarloaf started in Denver in 1969 after different lineups and names. From Voices Of Mute, Moonraker, Chocolate Hair and then a last minute change of name at the request of their new record company, due to possible ethnic problems with that last name. They settled on “Sugarloaf” a mountain just outside nearby Boulder, Colorado.

While they never repeated the level of success that they did with “Green Eyed Lady,” in 1970, they did well with "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" in 1974. That #9 charting song was written about their getting turned down by Columbia Records and features a touch tone dialing sequence in the song that is actually the number of the company.

Jerry Corbetta, Rest in peace.