Super groups! That unique formulation of overwhelming talent, life changing musicianship,  unstoppable inspiration, and overbearing egos. Now we got us a new one. In the past when a super group came together the heat from the band usually burnt the band out like a nova. Bands like Cream, Blind Faith and others. Now rock and roll has another "super group."  The Kings of Chaos are set to record and tour. Composed of members from Guns N Roses, Def Lepperd and Deep Purple the "Kings" could be set to be the World's first billion dollar band. Members Duff McKagen, Joe Elliot, Glenn Hughes and Slash only comment about forming a super grouop was simple. Slash said "This is not about making money. It's about having f****** fun."

Will the candle burn at both end winding this band up on the scrap heap of rock and roll? Only time will tell. In the mean time we rock fans will get to listen to some incredible music while watching the comet move through the stratosphere.