What Does “420” Mean In Wyoming [VIDEO]
There are many rumors about where the term "420" ((pronounced four-twenty) originated and how it became the code word for cannabis users, but the most widely excepted version revolves around a group of young pot-heads in the early 1970s called the Waldos.
4/20 Idea: The Rocky Mountain High Amusement Park in Colorado
Today, millions of marijuana users across the world will celebrate "4/20". In honor of the unofficial pothead holiday, here's a great idea for our friends across the border in Colorado.
Since recreational marijuana was legalized in 2014, tourists have flocked to Colorado to get…
Two Shot, Third Grazed In Denver Pot Rally
On the 1st 4/20 celebration in Colorado since the legalization of marijuana, thousands were scattered when an unknown gunman fired into a crowd at Civic Center Park in Denver on Saturday.
While most people were just hanging out enjoying the celebration, the sound of what many thought were firecracker…