Bigfoot Spotted In Yellowstone National Park
With recent reports of humans damaging park features and having bad interactions with bison, bears and moose, comes a happier story of a pair of travelers who managed to get this picture of the elusive Bigfoot inside Yellowstone National Park...
Bigfoot Photographed In Northern Colorado?
Bigfoot, or Sasquatch is generally accepted to be an ape-like creature, a wrongly identified animal (think black bear) or a hoax. Over the years, there have been alleged sightings on every continent except Antarctica, and mainly in America’s Pacific Northwest...
Has Bigfoot Actually Been Captured?
After that hoax out of Russia, we swore we'd never be duped by a faked Bigfoot capture again. But a recent report, which comes from an organization called the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center, could be the news that Yeti believers have been waiting for.