Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo

2013 Parade Day In Casper [PHOTOS]
The 2013 Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo Parade in downtown Casper marks a few occasions for Casperites.  Parade Day always marks the official kickoff of the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo, and it usually falls about mid summer, meaning that it is time to kick summer up a notch and enjoy the rema…
2013 Casper Parade Route
The Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Parade will be July 9, 2013 at 10:00 am in downtown Casper.  Bring your chairs, sunscreen, and get there early to get a prime spot.
My Second Memory Of The Central Wyoming Fair And Rodeo
As a kid in Casper Wyoming, our summers revolved around two things- the pool and the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo. So imagine my delight when, one summer when I was 13 years old, I was able to combine the two with my other favorite thing ever- a girl. This is the story of that day.
My First Memory Of The Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo
As a kid growing up, the thing I looked forward to most in the summer's was the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo. When I was little, there was nothing cooler than being able to hang out with my friends and family, eat a lot of junk food, and then throw it up after riding the Gravitron 5 times in a row…
Casper Tries To Win An Itsy Bitsy (Can-Am) Spyder [PHOTOS]
If you've ever wanted to feel the wind in your hair and the sun at your back as you follow the highways and byways on an amazing piece of machinery, but are like me and are terrified of motorcycles (and angry Persian women throwing knives), then have we got a deal for you! Because of Driven Powerspo…

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