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Irish Terrier Literally Leaps for Joy After Finding Owner
As any animal lover knows, dogs are capable of feeling intense joy. (If cats feel it, by contrast, they sure don’t seem to show it.) As proof, check out this video of an Irish Terrier that literally leaps for joy after it finds its owner hiding nearby.
Tiny Bear Cubs Have Adorable Wrestling Match [VIDEO]
A couple of pint-sized bear cubs stopped traffic in Yosemite National Park recently when they staged a playful wrestling match right in the middle of the road.
Nearby motorists reacted to this adorable scene by saying things like “I want one,” and “Oh, please come to my car.” Luckily, nobody acted on…
Dancing Snail Likes to Move It, Move It [VIDEO]
Snails may have plenty of junk in the trunk but when it comes to shaking what God gave them, it’s all in the antennae. And boy did God give this dancing snail a sweet pair of those.
Check him out as be bobs his antennae to the beat of Reel 2 Real’s classic hit &lsqu…

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