Guys Get More Dates With This Secret [VIDEO]
The dating site has divulged a handy advantage gaining secret for men looking for women. They say that a guy mentioning Shakespeare in his profile will increase his positive responses by 27%.” This could be an advantage in tricking someone into falling in love with yo…
Five Mistakes Guys Make On Tinder
Dating is both scary and difficult, if you don't know the unwritten rules. Here are five mistakes guys make on Tinder, according to women:
Posting too many selfies . So get one of your friends to take one.. . looking like a slob I mean come on ...
Date Someone Hotter Than You [VIDEO]
Here is the key… to dating out of your league
Everything you've ever heard about dating tells you NOT to get stuck in the friend zone.  Because the other person will never see you as anything other than a buddy.  But what if that's wrong...

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