Man Nearly Drowns In Eggnog [VIDEO]
At an office Christmas party in Utah, Ryan Roach answered the eggnog challenge by downing a half gallon in 12 seconds and won a steakhouse gift card in the process.
He also got a nasty cough that would not stop. He said his body started shaking uncontrollably and became extremely nauseous and his bre…
Why Doesn’t Eggnog Make Us Sick?
This popular holiday drink is traditionally made by combining raw eggs, rum and dairy and leaving it all in the fridge for up to six weeks. We basically drink our weight in the stuff every December -- how on earth have we managed to avoid being sick all this time?
Eggnog: Love It or Hate It [POLL]
There are numerous seasonal items that only surface around Christmas time.  Most of these passing products are neutrally enjoyed by the bulk of holiday consumers.  However; one beverage still remains on a line drawn in the snow.  Eggnog.  Love it or hate it?