Trust Fall Ends in Painful ‘Fail’
You know that whole "trust fall" game where you fall backwards into someone's arms and he or she saves you from a bad fall that would bruise your behind for weeks to come? It's an exercise that's supposed to increase...well, trust. Recently though, we've discovered that this so-called game…
Worst Half Court Shot Ever…Seriously! [VIDEO]
I don't pride myself on being overly athletic.  I don't participate in many sports.  I don't even watch sports very often.  It's not that i'm uncoordinated, i'm just apathetic towards being athletic, so I may not have much room to talk.  But after wa…
The Ultimate Drunk Fail Compilation Video
Watching the Olympics, I enjoy watching highlight reels of the successes and cheering and all that, but to take your mind off that, I bring to you this highlight reel, or maybe a lowlight reel, of drunk fail videos.