Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury Comic Book Now Available
Freddie Mercury was the King - or Queen, if you will - of the Glam Rock movement of the 70's. Know for over-the-top, intricately theatrical live shows, Freddie always fed off of the crowd's energy.
Freddie Mercury Biopic Gets a New Star
After months of delays, word is now circulating that Dexter Fletcher has been tapped to direct the Freddie Mercury biopic. Perhaps more importantly, Ben Whishaw will play Freddie Mercury, replacing Sacha Baron Cohen, who left over the summer.
Freddie Mercury Biopic Bites the Dust
That much-hyped Freddie Mercury biopic may be over before it's even begun. Now that actor Sacha Baron Cohen has bailed on the project, the film's screenwriter hears its death knell.

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