Ready For Something New And Different? [VIDEO]
If you’re tired doing the same old same old all of the time, here’s a chance to break out of that rut. Learn ballroom dancing. It’ll be something new, something physical, and something that will bring you closer to your partner.
Take part in an evening …
Insane Adult Fun Coming December 2014 [VIDEO]
Born to drift is an understatement about the coming soon adult sized Razor Crazy Cart XL that looks fast, agile and totally fun. It's smartly designed, solidly made and so full of possibilities. Its Mr. Toads Wild Ride on energy drinks.
I can see race and style competitions here in town, demos, parad…
Tubing To Work In Boulder, What Could Casper Do? [VIDEO]
Inspired by Bike To Work Day seven years ago with 2 people, yesterday morning, about 40 people decided to tube down Boulder Creek to work in business suits, swimsuits, wet suits, t-shirts & shorts. The water level was high, and I would bet so were some of the participants.