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Gas Prices Going Back Up In Wyoming
According to, gasoline has risen about $.03 per gallon over the last week. A week ago, gas was about $1.63 average across the Cowboy State. Maybe the best way to look at it is with the knowledge gas is about $1.25 cheaper than a year ago...
Gas Prices Still Falling, Let’s Ride! [VIDEO]
Gasoline fell another 2 cents per gallon to a nation wide average of $2.48 per gallon, 14 cents cheaper than last week. Some analysts think the price drop will continue. There are global (look at Russia), national and regional repercussions that will send out ripple effects with some pluses and some…
Gas Under $2, Why Not Wyoming? [VIDEO]
Time For A Road TRIP! Here's a great video to get you in the mood.
Gas Prices Going Down Again! Gas prices are so low, one station in Oklahoma City is selling it for $1.99 a gallon:
. . . Great.  There goes my excuse for not spending the holidays with my family...
10mpg Gas Hog – Who Cares? Gas Prices Down, Again [VIDEO]
Buy that Bugatti Veyron! Sure, it’s about $1.5 million, but you’ll be saving on the price of gas! Gasoline is down again in Wyoming, $.01.9, averaging $3.14 per gallon while nationally its $2.89, down $.01.7.
The Cheapest gas in Cheyenne is at Corner Store, W, College …
Average Gas Prices Fall 4 Cents in Wyoming
The average price for a gallon of gas in Wyoming fell sharply last week.
Analysts with say the average price for regular unleaded fell just over four cents to $3.48 per gallon last week. Meanwhile, the national average fell just over a penny to $3...
Falling Gas Prices Means Great News for Car Owners
Just a few months ago, analysts were worried gas prices would soar this summer, possibly topping $6 a gallon. But now that the warmer months are upon us, there’s been an abrupt about-face.
In fact, fuel prices are now falling so steadily that many experts predict that by this fall, a …
Will Gas Prices Affect Your Summer Vacation Plans?
I was talking with my wife a few days back about Summer vacation and the subject of where to go and the mode of transportation we would use. Flying is the best option no matter where we decide to go, but I like driving because you get to see more of the country up close.

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