Wyoming Sportsmans Gun Show
Buy, sell and trade if you'll be down in Cheyenne this weekend.. Open to the public from 9 to 5 Saturday April 11 and from 9 - 2 Sunday, April 12. The show is at The Laramie County Fairgrounds I-80 Archer exit.
Food available on site...
Cowboy State Firearms Show In Casper August 31st
Featuring the region's top weapons manufacturers, gear and equipment retailers, sellers, firearms experts and more, the Cowboy State Firearms Show is the one firearms show that every enthusiast MUST attend. Seminars showcasing the talent and experience of Wyoming’s firearms experts are n…
Have You Ever Heard of a ‘Love Gun’? [VIDEO]
There's a guy named Hendrick Ball that has a YouTube channel where he shares video of some of the things he's collected over the years. In his latest post he talks about toy guns, but one of the toys, isn't exactly what old Hendrick thought it was.
Smart Guns: The Future of Gun Control?
How would you like the ability to "lock" your firearm if it is ever stolen or out of your control? Yardarm Technologies has developed new technology that could be a game changer when it comes to gun safety.
What If All the Guns in Movies Were Replaced With a Thumbs Up?
The question posed in the headline is probably one you've never wondered in your entire life, yet here we are and we have the answer for you. Via the magic of Photoshop, someone has replaced all the guns in famous movie scenes with a good ole thumbs up. Let's see what happens when gun cont…

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