harlem shake

Harlem Shake Weddings Is A Thing Now [VIDEO]
The Harlem Shake was dancing fade (and song) that lasted for the better part of most of last year with videos popping up almost daily. Like most fads, time went by and the fad passed. But apparently, worldwide... people decided it would be cool to perform it at weddings. And ya know what? They were …
Harlem Shake Invades University of Wyoming
As Harlem Shake Mania continues to sweep the internet, the country, and you guessed it... even Wyoming, the comparisons to other videos run rampant. Having created a Harlem Shake video of my own with my fellow co-workers(see here), I have high expectations/standards for other videos in the same cate…
‘Today in Wyoming’ Does The Harlem Shake
The Harlem Shake has taken the world by storm.  It's reach cannot be contained, even if tried.  The Harlem Shake has even invaded Wyoming.  Although not the first outbreak, it seems the crew of 'Today in Wyoming' has now been bitten by the infectious craze.