U2’s Humble Beginnings [VIDEO]
They would become one of the biggest bands in the world selling millions and millions of albums, making over a billion dollars, but also becoming spiritual leaders, political activists and champions of the environment. But all great bands have their humble beginnings and it was 36 years ag…
An Ode To An Outlaw Legend From Billy Joel [VIDEO]
Its Monday, July 14, 2014, the 133rd anniversary of the loss of a legend.
In 1881 - William H. Bonney Jr., better known as BILLY THE KID, was shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garret in Fort Sumner,New Mexico.
Let’s recognize the man with a song where the singer can really relate...
You’ve Seen It, But Do You Know About It?
it was a scene of bloody carnage and that, after making a diversion on one side, and then attacking from the other, the Crow lost about 40 warriors and the Absaroke Crow, inside the formation, were wiped out.
100 Years On The Lincoln Highway
Today we are used to super highways with convenient truck stops, rest stops, smoothly paved surfaces for high speed vehicles with heat, air conditioning, cruise control, adjustable heated and cooled seats, sound systems, GPS, cell phones and so many modern conveniences that travel is a breeze.
But it…

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