Fun With Your Floppy Disk [VIDEO]
Computers are so engrained in our daily lives now and thank goodness  for the innovations that have spring boarded us from the dark ages to iPads (now the iPad5), iPods, Tablets, Androids, Facebook and whatever else is soon to come into fruition.
Chinese Teen Sells Kidney for iPad 2
Xiao Zheng, a 17-year-old living in China, wanted an iPad 2 so badly that he was willing to sell one of his vital organs to get it.
Zheng didn't have the money for the tablet computer so he responded to an online ad that offered cash for healthy kidneys...
Playboy for iPad Has Arrived
Playboy has come to the iPad. The website for the iPad, which had been announced back in January, is up and running as of today, founder Hugh Hefner revealed on his Twitter feed.
The app allows people to access all past issues of the magazine, as well as new ones.

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