Taking It Easy In China [Video]
Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmit hanging together at the Great Wall in China after they performed a 12-city Asian tour that included stops in Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong,and Seoul, Korea, where they had never performed before.
Limbaugh on ‘Green’ Refugee Shelters in Japan [VIDEO]
This clip amused a River staffer, so I thought I would post it up and see what you all think. WARNING - This video contains political content. If you have high blood-pressure or are prone to getting very upset over internet videos, then I recommend that you watch this immediately - I'm really l…
Japan Disaster Photos – Before and After
Japan is still trying to recover in the aftermath of the 8.9 earthquake that rocked the nation just a few days ago.
Now you can now see before and after photos in an interactive overlay gallery of the Japan devastation.
8.9 Earthquake, Tsunami Eyewitness Footage
The biggest earthquake on record to hit Japan has caused widespread destruction across the country. A 10-meter high tsunami, triggered by the tremor, has swept inland in many places swamping everything in its path.