Unemployed in Wyoming? Hawaii Wants You!
Wyomingites need jobs. If they aren’t here, where is the work? What about Hawaii? Could you leave Wyoming and start over again in Hawaii?
Matador Network writes: Hawaii is “trying to get unemployed people with college degrees to come move to Hawaii so they can work teaching jobs…
Wyoming Jobs for People Who Hate People
If you’re one of those people who hates other people, that’s fine. But you're probably not meant for a job in sales, or party planning, or escort work.  But don't worry, there ARE good jobs that fit your stinking personality.
Business Insider came u…
Wake Up Or Go Broke
This Money Shredding Alarm Clock gives you ten seconds to wake up or it starts shredding your cash.
Quite literally,  You Snooze, You Lose, Your Money
This Seattle inventor shows his sadistic side while contemplating 'Time is money.'

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