Kelly Walsh Trojans

Kelly Walsh Loses To Cheyenne East
The  Kelly Walsh Trojans played their hearts at this weekend, but unfortunately, so did Cheyenne East, which is why they came out on top in a hard fought game. The final score of 62-44 should have no bearing on how hard both teams worked.
KW Boys Narrowly Defeated By Sheridan
In what can only be described as heartbreaking, the KW boys suffered a loss to the Sheridan boys by one point. With a final score of 49-48, the Trojans lost the battle, but they won the hearts and admiration of those in attendance. It was a tough loss, but still a game that the boys in green can be …
KW Girls Suffer Hard Fought Loss To Laramie
The heart of the KW girls cannot be denied, as they showed it off throughout the entire game against Laramie on Thursday. Unfortunately for the lady Trojans, they lost, 49-35. That, coupled with a loss to Sheridan on Friday took them out of the tournament. But their heart cannot be denied; nor can t…
Fans Show Their Support at 2011 Oil Bowl [PHOTOS]
It's one of those questions that define who you are- questions like "Batman or Superman," "Books or TV," or "apple or oranges?" This question is more important than any of those, however. The question is, are you a Trojan or a Mustang?