41 Years Ago: Kiss Perform Their First Concert
On Jan. 30, 1973, fewer than 10 people witnessed the first live performances by Kiss at the Popcorn Club (soon to be renamed the Coventry) in Queens, N.Y. According to bassist Gene Simmons, the group was paid $50 for performing two sets that evening.
Imagine KISS Working At Walmart [VIDEO]
I've heard rumor that this will be airing during Superbowl 48. It's KISS pushing their new album Sonic, but coming up with a creative and funny piece to do it.
I wonder if the boys from Aerosmith will be laughing?
Kiss Dress to Kill With Help From Popular Fashion Designer
Because nothing says rocking and rolling all night and partying every day like a expertly tailored suit, Kiss have joined forces with John Varvatos for the designer’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The band also performed at Varvatos’ show in Milan earlier today …
Kiss’ Smash Hit ‘Beth’ Spoofed in Hilarious New Video
Kiss' biggest chart hit, 'Beth,' has been re-imagined as a '70s-style dramedy in a hilarious video complete with actors playing the role of Peter Criss and a nagging wife imploring him to leave a recording session -- because dinner is getting cold and the kids are driving her cra…

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