This Just in – Cats Love Brooms [VIDEOS]
When it comes to playing with cleaning tools, not every cat needs a Roomba to have a good time. Plenty are happy with just a plain old broom. In fact, they may even prefer it. Sure the ride may be a little bumpier on a manual, but most cats won’t bristle at that.
Cat and Enormous Beetle Are Unlikely Friends [VIDEO]
It’s unclear if this cat allowed a beetle to climb atop its head because of an affinity for the enormous bug, or because it is just too tired and lazy to deal with the bold encroachment.
It’s probably the second reason, but it’s fun to th…
The Jedi Kittens Strike Back [VIDEO]
When we last checked in with the Jedi Kittens they were engaging in an intense light-saber battle on the living room couch.
In the felines’ latest clip, they’ve taken to the skies in a re-creation of the classic X-wing vs. TIE Fighter space battle from ‘Star Wars…