Daughter Successfully Sues Mother For Facebook Humiliation
Ever since older people have been joining social networking sites like Facebook, they’ve been embarrassing their children. Usually this manifests itself in the same kind of hokey parental sentiments that have been irking kids since way before the internet. But a woman in Germany has gone in the comp…
Woman Sues Adult Video Company For Suing Her
Porn studios can be called a lot of things — but are they extortionists? One woman says they absolutely are, and after they accused her of illegally downloading their “product,” she got a lawyer of her own and fought fire with fire.
Couple Sues Airline Over Cockroach-Infested Flight [VIDEO]
With delays, baggage fees and overbooking, flying already has the potential to be a miserable experience. But imagine if you had to share your flight with cockroaches. According to Harry Marsh and Kaitlin Rush, that’s exactly what happened to them. They’re now suing c…