Aquile Releases New Music Video [VIDEO]
Aquile is back it with another awesome music video, this time for his original song: "London". There's an awesome love story behind the song, but you'll probably have to ask him face-to-face to get the full details. One thing is for certain, the song is most definitely a hit.
Paul McCartney Joined by Ron Wood at Three-Hour London Concert
Paul McCartney played his only London gig of 2011 last night (Dec. 5) — and he made it count, delivering a hits-packed, three-hour set to his O2 Arena fans, including several songs he’d never played in the UK before.
But that wasn’t all McCartney had in store for fans: as the evening drew to a close,…
Petition Started to Make Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport
Vertical Dance, a British pole-dancing company, is petitioning the International Olympic Committee to get their sport recognized as a test event for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
According to the petition, which has so far garnered about 6,000 signatures, "Over 50 countries worldwide take …