Wake Up Or Go Broke
This Money Shredding Alarm Clock gives you ten seconds to wake up or it starts shredding your cash.
Quite literally,  You Snooze, You Lose, Your Money
This Seattle inventor shows his sadistic side while contemplating 'Time is money.'
Sofia Vergara Is Television’s Highest Paid Woman
‘Modern Family‘ star Sofia Vergara is having a pretty good summer. Not only was she just nominated for an Emmy, she’s also reportedly engaged — and she’s topped Forbes‘ list of the highest-paid women on television.
The list calls itself the “highest paid TV actresses,” but with Kim Kardashian in the …
Need Some Extra Cash? Get a Job Sexting
Statistics show that 80 percent of college students engage in sexting, and a quarter of women in the more cougarish age bracket of 35-44 do it, too. That’s a whole lot of sexytalk flying around for free — until now. Welcome to paid phone sex for the modern age.

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