The Wildest Motorcycle Ride in Wyoming History
The wildest motorcycle ride that ever took place in Wyoming was likely one of the very first.
In 1903, George Wyman became the first man to successfully ride a motorcycle across America, nearly a month before the first cross country car trip...
City Council Kills Revised Noise Ordinance
Casper City Council silenced a proposed revised ordinance about vehicle noise by voting it down unanimously on first reading Tuesday night.
Twenty people spoke against it during an hour-and-a-half public hearing saying it was, at best, unnecessary and at worst a threat to their safety...
Motorcycle Gang Blocks Highway For Marriage Proposal
Who knew bikers were such hopeless romantics?
The Rockefeller Center ice skating rink might be perfect for marriage proposals in New York City, but if you're in Los Angeles you'll have to get a little more creative -- like shutting down a major highway.
Heroic Motorcyclist Saves Calf From Drowning [VIDEO]
The curious little calf in this video was perhaps a little too curious while investigating a nearby canal and found himself unable to climb back out.
Luckily,  a passing motorcyclist who spotted the struggling bovine realized the danger the calf was in, rushed to its aid, and after several attem…