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Is ‘Once Upon A Time’ Going To the Merry Old Land of Oz?
Whether or not you followed the first season of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ you should know that the hit ABC series delves into quite a bit of classic fairy tale mythology, everything from traditional Grimm to an overload of Disney characters.  Now, following the Comic-Con 2012 reveal that the Storybrooke c…
Naomi Watts as Princess Diana: How Does She Look?
Naomi Watts is starring as Princess Diana in the upcoming biopic ‘Caught in Flight’ and recently stepped out for the first time in character to film a scene from the movie. Now that we see what she looks like, is she right for the role?
Wanna See ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Before Everybody Else?
Sony senses they have something special on their hands with Marc Webb’s upcoming reboot ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ Tracking numbers released on Thursday say the film could earn as much as $125 million over the July 4 frame. (The numbers were slightly behind ‘The Avengers,’ and we all know how that mo…

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