The Ultimate Drunk Fail Compilation Video
Watching the Olympics, I enjoy watching highlight reels of the successes and cheering and all that, but to take your mind off that, I bring to you this highlight reel, or maybe a lowlight reel, of drunk fail videos.
Top 10 Moments From the Olympics Opening Ceremony
Last night’s Olympics kicked off with a spectacular mix of pop and pageantry under the artistic direction of Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle. From an American perspective, the opening ceremony in London seemed comprised of the best partsof an Oscar telecast, a Macy’s parade and a Super Bowl half…
Time Magazine Says All States Should Bow Down To Wyoming
When the United States Olympic Committee announced it’s 530 athlete roster for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Time magazine came up with some comparisons that put the State of Wyoming at the top of the heap.
According to the article, Wyoming is in the top spot for Olympians produ…