Couple In Big Trouble After Stuffing Baby In Carry-On Luggage
X-ray scanners have caught air travelers with all sorts of strange and embarrassing things in their carry-on luggage. But it would be hard to top the images captured last week at the Shar-Jah Airport in the United Arab Emirates when an Egyptian couple stuffed their five-month-old in a suit…
What Parents Need to Know When Their Kids Move Back Home
Most kids eagerly await the day when they get to move out on their own to either go to college or simply join the workforce and live by their own rules.
However, sometimes things do not work out quite like junior thought he might – giving him no option but to move back home to live with mommy a…
Parents Who Gave Kids Nazi Names Lose Custody Battle
The parents of three children, who gave each of them Nazi names, including Adolf Hitler, have finally lost custody of all three kids.
On Thursday, a New Jersey appeals court ruled that the children, who have been in foster care, should not be returned to the couple due to evidence of domestic violenc…

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