Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Played Four Songs in Times Square
It's another busy week for Paul McCartney. As the onetime Cute Beatle ramps up to the release of his new album -- um, 'New' -- next week, he's shown up online with a new song, at a high school with some instruments and earlier today in Times Square, where he performed four s…
Paul McCartney Opens Up in Twitter Q&A
Even the biggest rock stars on the planet can't avoid social media these days, and on Oct. 3, Paul McCartney opened himself up to the Twitterverse for a wide-ranging online Q&A session.
Paul McCartney to Participate in Twitter Q&A
As Paul McCartney revs for the release of his new album, um, 'New,' on Oct. 15, he seems to have been all over the place lately -- at Las Vegas music festivals, on Jimmy Kimmel's roof. On Oct. 3, he's coming to Twitter for a Q&A.

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