New York City Model Eats Designer Bag on Subway
Okay, so it's not really a bag. It's just a cake or something that looks like a designer bag, but it's realism is second to none. The look on everyone's face when she sinks her teeth into her custom treat is priceless.
Need Help Picking Up Girls? Be a Ventriloquist
I love how pranksters on YouTube have morphed from pulling off pranks to doing more things for fun and to help others. In this recent video from ModelPrankstersTV, they show you how to pick up girls by throwing their voice. Will it work?
‘Worst Twerk Fail Ever’ Video Actually a Jimmy Kimmel Hoax
So remember the video of the twerking girl who accidentally set herself on fire? Remember how we all got a good laugh out of it? Remember how everyone from YouTube commenters to morning news shows dubbed it "the end of the twerking craze as we know it"?
Well, turns out it was all a …

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