Right In The Feels – Melt Your Heart [VIDEO]
Faced with a bleak Christmas with the likelihood of no presents and probably not even a Christmas Tree, what are these children to do? What would your choice be?.
Some underprivileged kids in Atlanta were asked what they wanted for Christmas and what gifts they thought their parents would like...
The River Remembers- February 14, 0278- Dude Got Beheaded!
Ever wonder why we call today Valentine's Day? Probably not. You're probably too stressed because you forgot to buy your wife and/or girlfriend the perfect gift. So then you went and bought something. But then you realized that the card and the butterfinger probably weren't going to cut it. So you'r…
Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Tips
Are you a deadline-motivated-achiever, like me? Procrastinated on your holiday shopping? Trying to figure out how to pull it all off between now and Christmas? Here are several ideas.