Sex Panther Cologne – Now Real! [VIDEO]
Scientists have discovered a potion that really does have an aphrodisiac effect. Women who have inhaled it find their partners 15 per cent more attractive.
Give it up for science, there is now a real life sex panther spray, that makes men 15% more attractive
The spray contains syntocinon, …
How to Make a Mixed Drink using Laghing Gas
This is something you can file under 'Things I want to Try but Won't'. The good people at Hard Science speed up the mixing of infused cocktails by using some simple nitrous oxide, or 'laughing gas' as we often refer to it as.
DJ Nyke & Rodeo Rick Make Snow [VIDEO]
Science can be fun. Have you ever attempted to make snow out of boiling hot water? Probably not. It doesn't logically sound like something that can be done, especially not in mid air, even in the blistering Wyoming cold.

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