Sears Closing In Cheyenne
Sears Holding Company announced the closure of 45 Kmart stores and 18 Sears locations. Sears at 1400 Del Range Blvd in Cheyenne WY is on that list.
Best Places to Find A Labor Day Sale in Casper- Our Top 5
Let's be honest here- nobody really knows, or cares, what Labor Day actually celebrates. The things we do know and/or care about is that we love it because it's a day off work, we hate it because it signifies the end of summer, women shouldn't wear white after it, and more often than not, there …
Sears Employee Wears Boots He Stole From Store To Work
You'd have to think that a man who works at a Sears in Sarasota, Florida was given the boot after he was caught stealing from the store.
The Herald-Tribune reports the unidentified 18-year-old man stole a pair of boots from the store in the DeSoto Square Mall – and then wore them to work.