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‘Star Wars’ Actor Richard LeParmentier Dead at 66
Richard LeParmentier, who was a key actor in one of the most famous 'Star Wars' scenes of all time, has passed away at 66. Even if you don't know his name, you'll surely know him as the Imperial Admiral whose "lack of faith" Darth Vader finds disturbing.
Stupid New Photo Trend . . . “Vadering”
We always want to keep you posted on the latest photo trends.  So while this isn't Tebowing or planking, it's still worth checking out.  And it's actually surprising that it didn't become a trend before.  The newest trend is . . . "Vadering".
Watch All Six ‘Star Wars’ Movies at Once
If you've never seen any of the 'Star Wars' movies and just want to get it over with once and for all, here you go. This is all six of the 'Star Wars' movies that have been made to date. Conveniently playing at once in one video. That way you can knock out the entire franchi…

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