Steve Perry

Steve Perry on Journey Reunion: ‘We’re Trying’
After years of sending messages back and forth to each other in the press, it appears that Steve Perry and Neal Schon are seriously considering the idea of Perry returning to Journey. In a new interview, the singer reveals that the two are in discussions.
Steve Perry Gets Serious About Recording New Album
Steve Perry hasn’t issued any new music since 1998. However, the self-exiled former Journey frontman is putting the finishing touches on a studio at his Southern California home, which means he’ll soon record and rock fans will get to hear that powerful voice once aga…
Steve Perry: Watching Journey Continue Was ‘Emotionally Hard’s
Since his departure from Journey in 1998, former vocalist Steve Perry has been absent both from the concert stage and the recording studio. But in a new interview, Perry reveals that he’s got quite a bit of material done, and is working to complete construction on a home studio with the aim to devel…

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