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Steven Tyler Splits with Fiancee
After months of speculation, Steven Tyler and fiancee Erin Brady have broken up after a six-year relationship and a year-long engagement. The news was reported by the New York Post on Sunday (Jan. 13), who heard it from an unnamed source.
Steven Tyler Apologizes to Nicki Minaj
The drama between Steven Tyler and rapper Nicki Minaj may cool off after the Aerosmith singer issued an apology during a press event today. Then again, judging from the tone of Tyler's comments, things may not simmer. 'American Idol' producers must be loving the free media attent…
Steven Tyler and ‘American Idol’ Try Their Luck in Sin City
On Wednesday night’s ‘American Idol‘, all the cattle — oops, sorry, “singers” — were split into groups to see which contestants would kill each other first. This is all going down in Las Vegas, because who would notice a bloody death amid the glitz and glamor of Vegas?
Steven Tyler is probably just h…

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