Microsoft Saying Goodbye To Clip Art [VIDEO]
You learned Microsoft Word and maybe Power Point, and you learned to dress up your documents and presentations with the included Clip Art. It was a handy way to put some life into your work, but it is going away.
According to Gizmodo,
“Microsoft will no longer offer Clip Art...
Apple Pay Starts Today, Will Wyoming Buy In?
If you bought the new iPhone 6 or 6+, As of today, Apple Pay means you can leave your wallet and credit cards behind. There need be no more retailers taking your card and possibly your information.  Major payment networks Visa, MasterCard, American Express, major banks and more than 220,000 ret…
The Science Zone Welcomes New Exhibit
The Science Zone welcomes their newest exhibit on Saturday, September 13th. Sustainable Choices is a traveling exhibit from NRG. Get an up close look at future technology and dream of the possibilities.
Facebook Unleashing New Evil
Facebook's new standalone app is very scary but like a vampire, can only come in if invited.
We spend more time with our digital devices than we do sleeping. Facebook users average 40 minutes per day on their mobile devices, and are now are being pushed to give up even more of their privacy than…
Glasses Make Christmas Lights Look Like Snowmen
I was at the store the other day and noticed these glasses. They claimed they would make Christmas lights look like little snowmen. Like the X-ray glasses you used to see in comic books, I didn't believe it until I tried them on.

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