Why Do We Say O’clock?
Have you ever wondered why we say "o'clock," when referring to time? The answer lies in the fact clocks weren't prevalent and people used a variety means to tell time.
Do You Have The Right Time… Everywhere? [VIDEO]
Are ALL of your clocks are showing the right time? Most of us enjoyed an extra hour yesterday as we adjusted our clocks back an hour and switched back to Standard/Mountain Time, but did you miss one or two?
The 1st thing Sunday morning, during ‘Fall-back,’ I adjusted my watch 1st with both analog and…
Running Late to Work? It May Not Matter
If you were a little late to the office this morning, you may not need to stress about it too much.
A new study indicates a lot of bosses are so sure that employees are working and checking emails before they come in that clock-watching is swiftly becoming a thing of the past.