Taste Testing the New White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies
Hostess usually comes out with a few varieties of Twinkies every year based on various themes, seasons, holidays and movie tie-ins. We are currently treated to these White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies in honor of the new Ghostbusters film. Let's check them out!
There Is a Petition for Obama to Nationalize Twinkies
When the US auto industry was in jeopardy four years ago President Obama stepped in with a bailout package. Now it's the American junk food industry that's in peril, with Hostess Brands closing up shop and heading for liquidation, and some want Obama to take an even more drastic step.
Daniel B. of Ka…
Six Facts You Most Likely Do Not Know About Twinkies [POLL]
Hostess is shutting down the ovens in their bakeries, and their trucks will no longer deliver the tasty treat that many of us grew up thinking would survive even a nuclear bomb.  After hearing the news, I learned more about Twinkies than I ever knew, I bet some of these facts will be new to you…