UFO Over Yellowstone? [VIDEO]
In a video posted on Youtube Monday May 26th, posters John and Mary surmise that this was a UFO spotted over Yellowstone National Park.
Take a look at this its very strange a unidentified v shaped object was caught on tape by John and Mary early this morning over Yellowstone National Park.
Can You Believe This Is A UFO, And Aliens?
I've seen strange things in the sky I can’t explain, but I've never seen anything like this.
Knowing that some amazing things can be done in video post production, I am doubtful. But, I am also a romantic and I want to believe that we are not the only beings in th…
UFO Burn Down The House In Ohio
Over 40 years on, UFO remain one of hard rock's most treasured, and yet most under appreciated bands ever. Though the band has seen its share of personnel changes over the years, founding drummer Andy Parker and original singer Phil Mogg are clearly in it for the long haul. Thursday night at th…

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