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Chicken Tender Delays Diamondbacks-Giants Game [VIDEO]
AT&T Park in San Francisco is the home of the Giants. It is also known for seagulls flying on the field during games. Thursday night's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks had to be halted in the 12th inning when a chicken tender fell from the sky and landed on the pitcher's mound…
Weird Laws That Are Still In The Law Books
Weird to think that in this day and age we would still have laws at are actually in the books?  Laws like:  “It’s illegal for a woman in Memphis, Tennessee to drive without a man waving a red flag in front of them?"  Or how "flirting in San Anto…
Are Mobile Stripper Poles Sexy?-[NSFW]
There's a new option (tacky or not) for truck and SUV owners who want to glamorize their rides. We have all seen the Truck Nuts that some people have dangling underneath pickups, an embodiment of manhood, I guess.